Thursday, September 05, 2013

LFL's Season Opener - Crowd Favorite "Class of '70"

Looking for Lilth Theatre Company kicks off their season with a revival of
one of their oft-requested original shows, Class of '70, which hasn’t been
seen in Louisville since its premiere in 2004. Class of '70 is a powerful,
fun, challenging play that celebrates the living history of women who came
of age on college campuses during the second wave of feminism in the late
60's, based on the words of the women who lived it.    During this time, a
spirit of liberation gripped the youth of America, and movements such as
the Civil Rights Movement and the protest of the war in Vietnam were
flourishing.  Women were very involved in these political movements, and
through fighting to liberate others, women began to seek liberation for
themselves. Inspired by the consciousness-raising groups of that time, who
believed in the power of sharing stories, LFL collected stories about the
exciting personal, social and political changes these women experienced.
Audiences described the show as important, awesome, excellent and
tremendous and in New York City and in Louisville they nodded their heads,
laughed so hard they almost fell out of their chairs, shook their heads
with sorrow, tapped their toes to the music and jumped to their feet at
the end! Class of '70 is once again relevant as political and social
dynamics clash with those freedoms and advances for which our mothers,
aunts, and friends stood up. Dates and location:

CLASS OF '70 by Looking for Lilith Theatre Company
Lincoln Performing Arts School
930 E. Main Street
Nov 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 at 7:30p
Nov 16 at 2:00p
Community Night - Discounted Tickets! - November 17 at 5:00p
Post-show talk-back details TBA

Directed by Shannon Woolley Allison, the cast includes Laura Ellis,Trina
Fischer, Ebony Jordan, Jennifer Thalman Kepler, Karole Spangler, and
Chelsea Skalski. This production is staged managed by Ben Unwin and
designed by Nathan Roberts (sound), Typh Hainer Merwarth (costumes), Holly
Stone (graphics), John Newman (lights). The original script was created by
an LFL devising team including Cecily Agbay, Liz Albertson, Lindsey
Blackhurst , Trina Fischer, Kerry Huang, Caroline Price, Franny Silverman,
Shannon Woolley, Robert Quinlan and Amy Attaway  with additional creative
input from Kelly Welsh-McNerney, Shannon Lynch, Ginger Legon, Camille
Burford, Roshell McKevie, and Laura Morton.  Dozens of women were
interviewed and numerous books and articles read in the research done for
this show preceding its devising in 2004.  This research, and the creation
of this show, were funded in part by the Steinberg Foundation.

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