Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pandora Productions Seeks Technical Director

Pandora is in need of a Technical Director/Set Designer-Builder. 

Job description is below.  Feel free to share this.  Interviews are being held ASAP.

Candidates should contact:
Michael J. Drury
Producing Artistic Director 

Position Available for 2013-2014 Season -- Technical Director & Set Designer/Builder
Pandora Productions has established itself as a mainstay in the Louisville Arts community.  Pandora is Louisville's only theatre company devoted exclusively to telling the stories of the LGBTQ community but definitely has a broader constituency than just that community.  We produce a 5 show mainstage season and usually several extras, one large and one smaller more experimental.
The following is a snapshot of how the position of TD/Set Designer has grown since 2007, we certainly expect that this position will grow with the company and new TD.  We look forward to new ideas from the Technical Director and collaboration with Pandora's Producing Artistic Director.
Duties Include (but not limited to):
  • Must be able to collaborate with producer, directors and other designers on an established, well oiled team as well as in some cases actors.
  • With the assistance of Company Manager, coordinate concept and production meetings with the design team and Producer.
  • Develop scenic design for the season productions working closely with other designers and honoring the director's concept.
  • Lead the construction of scenery in a safe and effective manner.
  • Insure that the final design product is an accurate reflection of the director's intentions.
  • Building space is scarce and typically pieces are built/painted in borrowed spaces or home shops and brought to the theatre for load in.
  • Insures that scenery is constructed within budgetary limits and appropriate time frame.
  • Manage production budgets for scenery, lights, costumes and props and ensure budgets are not exceeded. Report to PAD when it is clear that budget will be exceeded.
  • Steward the Henry Clay Theatre space as if it belonged to Pandora and helps ensure that we leave it better than we found it.
  • Provide and maintain scene shop equipment, orders materials needed for productions.
  • Alert management of power tool needs for budgeting into season.  (Our past TD supplied power drills and screwdrivers).
  • Coordinate and manage load in, strike and load out, coordinating with the various department designers to plan and coordinate space usage to insure that all technical aspects are ready for opening (our firm date by which all artistic elements are in place is Wed before opening on Thursday to insure that actors are able to rehearse one final time with a complete product).
  • Guides volunteers through scenic construction/strike in keeping with standards in the professional theatre.  Must have the ability to train and run production and performance crews.
  • Assess number of volunteers needed to accomplish all tasks and request that number from the volunteer coordinator or arrange personally.
  • Must have knowledge of stage systems, lighting/fly and techniques of assembly and rigging of all types of scenery.  A knowledge of lighting is helpful but not required. Must be able to lift and carry heavy materials and no fear of heights or ladders.
  • Must be able to supervise others.
Other Requirements & Notes:
  • Successful candidate will have and maintain a positive attitude and enjoy the collaborative and creative process.  We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where all ideas are welcome and it is the personal belief of the PAD that it is impossible to create a cohesive artistic product in an atmosphere of tension.  Therefore patience and calm is demanded even in the most stressful situation.  To that end each member of the team monitors the rest and a request for a break is made before tensions rise to an unrecoverable level.
  • Weekend and evening work is required. Pandora typically loads in on a Sunday (not always guaranteed) and openson Thursday.  Long days and nights are part of the tech week. 
$1500 per mainstage production and between $250 - $500 per extra production has been approved for this position. Total for 2013-2014 Season beginning with the first production in August 2013 and ending with the closing production in June 2014 is $8,750.00.  This can be paid out with each production or averaged out per month.  

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