Thursday, September 20, 2012

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The Drama Studio
St Genesius Theatre
128 E Bell Ave
Clarksville, IN 47129
812-283-7472, ext. 1

to present the Thriller:


By Victor Gialanella, from the novel by Mary Shelley
Directed By John Campbell Finnegan

October 25, 26, 27 @ 7:30PM
October 28 @ 2:00PM

$14.00 Adults and Seniors
$10.00 Students and Children
Group Rates & High School Study Guides available for Literature Classes

First presented at the Loretto-Hilton Repertory Theatre, in St. Louis, and then lavishly re-mounted for its New York production, this classic thriller is offered here in the easier-to-stage pre-Broadway version. Blending thrills and shuddering horror with moments of touching sentiment and compelling philosophical insights, the play accomplishes the singular feat of being as moving and affecting as it is terrifying. "No question, Gialenella's script caught the legendary excitement of the Frankenstein story." —Saturday Review. "FRANKENSTEIN is more than a horror story…much more." —St. Louis Citizen. "…the most visually exciting stage presentation of the season." —The Hollywood Reporter.

Set in nineteenth-century Switzerland, this classic tale of horror and suspense details the ill-fated experiments of young Dr. Frankenstein as he attempts to fathom the secrets of life and death. Purchasing cadavers from two unsavory grave robbers, he give life to a creature both hideous and touching—and so physically powerful and mentally twisted that he soon brings death or destruction to all who stand in his way. Adhering more closely to the original novel than did the famous motion picture versions, the play blends moments of brooding terror and sudden shock with questions of morality and the dangers of unrestrained scientific inquiry.

Cast includes:
Victor Frankenstein • Harrison Coffman
Hans Metz • Stan Lynn
Petra Schmidt • Cindy Schrader
Henry Clerval • Jason Effinger
Elizabeth Lavenza • Jess Harris
Wilhelmena Frankenstein • Hannah Paul
Justine Moritz • Winnie Spitza
Lionel Mueller • Sean
Frau Mueller • Emily Miller
Alphonse Frankenstein • TBA
The Creature • Paul Stiller
De Lacey • Dirk Griffin


An all-female production of Much Ado About Nothing kicks off Looking for Lilith's 2012-2013 season. Switching the Shakespearean convention of one gender casting, LFL has cast only women in this perennial comedy favorite. Says Artistic Director Shannon Woolley Allison, “since we performed an evening of scenes of Shakespeare’s women characters, we’ve been eager to undertake a full production and we’re excited to explore the conventions of what it is to be men and women according to ‘society’ in this smart comedy”.

Director Kathi E.B. Ellis is enthusiastic about how the mission of LFL is served by producing Much Ado About Nothing.  “Much of the banter between Beatrice and Benedick revolves around not only their wit but also society’s expectations of what the roles of men and women should be,” she says. “This dynamic also includes the more conventional relationship between Hero and Claudio – and how that destructs when male-female expectations are abrogated (albeit through trickery).” LFL sets this interpretation in the fast-changing world of post World War I: pilots returning home, women's suffrage in the air, and the spread of popular music and movies altering people's idea of how life and love are conducted. By casting Much Ado About Nothing as an all-female production, LFL will explore how the text’s gender references are brought into relief, continuing the company’s commitment to examine classic texts from a feminist point of view.

Performances held at:
The Alley Theatre
at the Pointe
1205 Washington St. Lou, Ky.

October 4-6, 8, 11-13 at 7:30pm
October 13 at 2:00pm
Tickets- $18, $15 for students/seniors

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