Friday, May 11, 2012

TAL Auditions - Tomorrow - Saturday, May 12

Auditions FAQs
Where can I find parking?
On Saturdays, you can find street parking on most adjacent streets (meters are in effect on Saturdays).  There is also a student lot at 2nd and Broadway which is usually open.  Park on the 1st Street side to be close to the Hartford Building.There are also a variety of surface lots within a couple of blocks of the auditions venue.

How many companies will be at the auditions?
There are 15 theatre companies, one film company, one talent agency participating and one independent director  in the morning monologue audition session. NOTE: One company could not attend at the last minute – your resume will be forwarded to that company.

Who can audition?
Most TAL Companies produce plays and musicals that have primarily adult roles.  Thus the minimum age to audition for TAL is 18 (or enrolled in senior year of high school). Companies seeking younger performers will conduct separate auditions.

When can I register?
Registration is between 8:15-10:30a.m. ONLY.  First come first serve.
You will be given a number for the monologue session; this number identifies the group in which you will audition. All auditionees will be asked to wait for their group in the main Lobby.

How do I know what productions companies will be producing in the coming year?
Each company has prepared an information sheet in which details about upcoming shows and available roles are listed.  These sheets will be posted in the main Lobby in the morning and then at the door to the room in which companies will conduct their cold reading session during the afternoon.

What do I need to know about auditioning during the monologue session?
  • You will be in a group of ten auditionees when you audition. Listen for your number to know when your group is called.
  • If you plan to sing, you will have an opportunity to speak with the accompanist at the beginning of your audition to give her the sheet music and let her now which measures to play, tempo, etc.
  • If the timekeeper calls ‘time’, this means you may not continue your monologue or song.

How do I know if I should participate in the movement/dance session?
  • TAL encourages all auditionees to participate in the movement session.  This is designed to give companies an idea of how you respond to scenes in which the story is being told not just through speaking.
  • The dance session(s) are designed for those who have some experience in dance (ballet, modern, tap, African, Viewpoints, etc.). Companies may indicate they wish to see a particular performer at the dance session, with a ‘D’ next to the name on the callback sheet.

How do I know whether a company will call me back in the afternoon?
Companies will identify (by audition number) those actors whom they wish to see at callbacks.  Each company will list numbers on a callback sheet. These sheets will be posted in the main lobby 2-3 times during the morning.  If your number is listed, you will then go to that company’s room and sign up for a callback time.  You may ONLY sign up if your number has been posted.

Will I have time to take a lunch break?
If you are planning to participate in all three sessions, you may not have time to leave the building.  If you do have the time, there are a limited number of fast food outlets within a few blocks of JCC that are open on a Saturday, including McDonalds and Taco Bell on Broadway and Jimmy Johns.

Other questions?
There is a mandatory orientation session for all actors at 8:45a.m. 

Welcome to TAL Auditions – Enjoy!!

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